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Sherley Singh is the founder of  MRM India, the first music royalty administration service in India. She is a visionary running multiple businesses and leading various philanthropic initiatives.


Her illustrious journey in the business of music began in 1994 when she started one of the first digital recording studios in Mumbai called Joshua Inc with her husband, Raju Singh. Joshua Inc. had some of the most cutting-edge equipment at its time and gave rise to a new way of recording and producing music.  Through this endeavor and her innate ability to form lasting connections with individuals, her personal network grew to include music directors, singers, and publishers alike. In 2003, Sherley launched a label and publishing company, Kangabeat, where she produced 26 educational music albums catered towards children. 

Over the years, the music landscape began to evolve into what it is today. The value of an artist's intellectual property began to become one of their most important assets. For the vast catalog of music between her publishing agency

and her husband's extensive works, Sherley researched and navigated the complex international systems at PROs to ensure the due royalties were actualized. With her meticulous processes and in-depth knowledge, she became the go-to person for her friends in the industry to manage their royalties collection. This is when she understood how much monetary value intellectual property really held and the hurdles faced by artists to tap into its potential. 


In <year>, Sherley was asked to be a part of Javed Akhtar’s immediate team that worked tirelessly to bring the marvelous amendment of 2012 to the Copyright Act in India. This amendment ensured that intellectual property rights for music in India remained with the creators and were made non-transferable. With her hand on the processes for international collections, she realized the gap between Indian creators’ royalties vis a vis their international counterparts. With the vision of ensuring every artist gets what they are owed, Sherley started Joshua Inc - Royalties in <year>. A Division of her company now dealt with registering and securing creative works owned by authors, composers, and publishers. What started as something for family and friends, had now grown into a pioneering and go-to company for royalty management.


 " The music industry globally is undergoing a revolution. In its wake, it’s bringing in new challenges along with unique opportunities. With new laws such as the American Music Modernisation Act, the whole industry is now becoming more and more creator centric. Creators today have so much more freedom and control over their work. “

Sherley has made ripples in the industry. She has been able to shine a light on the real value of an artist's intellectual property and has acted on a ground level to set up systems that help procure the highest returns for them. She was even brought on board as a Special Advisor to the Chairman's office, IPRS for her insight into the sector.


Joshua Inc - Royalties, now known as MRM India, has gone on to represent the biggest names in the Indian music industry. The clientele ranges from legendary to the most promising authors, composers, and publishers in the country. Services, which include publishing administration, neighboring rights,  metadata management, and acoustic fingerprinting,  are continuously added to keep up with the dynamism of the music business.


Sherley Singh has been recognized time and again as an enterprising leader. From organizational strategy to daily troubleshooting, she is being able to bring her practical and hands on approach to everything that she takes up.



March 2012
When MRM Started
April  2013
When we collected our first royalty of 7688 Pounds  and now we are collecting approx 65000 Pounds.
Feb 2018
Started Fingerprinting of Music 
June 2012
The Copyright Amendment Act 
May 2015

Cue Sheet for TV and Movies 

Movies - 3,000+ 

TV - 28000+

Jan 2022
Total amounts of works registered is now over 65,000 +  

Cue sheets 

TV - 65,000

Movies - 7,000

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