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How it works

Once you release your music, it can reach fans all over the world.

Every time a fan streams, listens to or downloads your song, it earns you two types of royalties: 

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To collect these royalties one must navigate through multiple types of rights,      song usages, and several dozen pay sources across countries. Simply registering with a PRO could mean that you are missing out potential royalties.

In addition to being extremely time consuming, some sources can only be accessed through a publishing administrations partner.
MRM India takes these cumbersome processes off your  hands, leaving you free to do what you do best- CREATING!
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Our Role
Inputs and Amends
Metadata Management
Claiming of Royalties  Disbursements
Efficient royalty collection
Access to In - depth global reach.
Simplified Global Collection.



Rs. 3200/- 

A flat, one-time fee per songwriter for your entire catalog regardless of the size.


An administration fee for all royalty types around the world.  The rest is yours

Retain your Rights

The copyright ownership and creative control remain with you allowing you to evolve as your career develops


Sherley Singh, Founder and CEO of MRM India, breaks down and explains the concepts and processes involved in music publishing
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